What is it social engineering target and how to protect your data

Are you interested in finding the right information about social engineering? Today in this article we will tell you more thanks to our specialist Henry from Sy Agency.

It is a technique whose leitmotif is to extract information from people without them realizing it. Unlike other attacks, it does not require software. The only persuasive force is the keystone of this attack. There are four main methods of social engineering: by phone, letter, internet and direct contact.

What is social engineering?

Social engineering over the internet is similar to social engineering over the phone. The hacker will easily make himself look like a system operator, an IT manager or a system engineer. Social engineering is a strategy used by cybercriminals to manipulate people to get something out of them without them realizing it.


It is the art of influencing people and abusing their trust to obtain something usually confidential such as a password, for example. In computer security, some would say that it is a science that exploits the famous human flaw.

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